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Over the next two weeks, Simon developed gastro-intestinal problems, which prevented him from gaining the strength necessary to endure chemotherapy. After various procedures and tests it was concluded that there was nothing to be done: Simon was simply too unwell to undergo chemotherapy.
Four days later, Simon went home. The next day Simon and Hayley were married in his parents’ conservatory. Five days after that, Simon passed away surrounded by his family with Hayley holding his hand.
Simon lived his life in the fast lane...running, cycling, swimming (when forced to for the sake of a triathlon), jetting off around the world for sporting events and life-changing experiences, partying the night away...but was always able to chill out and read a magazine. Whilst Hayley would witter on about everything from the worries of day-to-day life as a teacher to concerns about repaying the imaginary mortgage which was a million worlds away from their life in Rugby, Simon would simply say ‘Relax...concentrate on today’. This assured attitude towards life never left him; until the end, Simon was calm, incredibly gracious and maintained a positive perspective on life.
On the last day that Simon spent in hospital, Hayley asked: ‘have you got any advice Si...for how to live my life?’ Simon’s response was simple and direct: ‘take every opportunity you get and be the best you can be’. In an attempt to do justice to Simon’s enviable philosophy for life, Hayley and his family have created Team Zeemon.

About Team Zeemon

Whilst living in New Zealand with two of his best friends, Tom Stone and Nick Busst, Simon acquired the nickname Zeemon. Two German girls with whom the boys had been living and working on an apple farm were unable to say ‘Simon’ so ‘Zeemon’ became his name. So all-pervading was the name Zeemon that Hayley soon became Shemon and it seemed only fitting that Simon’s alias should become the name of this Ironman’s support crew.

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