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With Tom and Nick, Simon spent many happy days in the French Alps, climbing the mountains on his Orbea and pestering the pro-cyclists of the Tour de France as they pumped to the top of a haute cat climb or sped past for a time trail. Whilst Simon’s favourite rider was the American George Hincapie – Lance Armstrong’s right-hand man when he was on his winning spree – his favourite team was Eustkatel-Euskadi. Whether his love of this team of Basque riders was for their cycling prowess or their bright orange and green team kit, Simon was never entirely clear, although the majority of his wardrobe not to mention his original racing bike stuck to this dress code. Therefore, members of Team Zeemon will endeavour to adorn themselves in orange and green to make sure that they always stand out from the crowd.
Simon loved sport, was passionate about music and always enjoyed a good pub quiz. Therefore, Team Zeemon are currently in the process of planning a variety of events to reflect Simon’s hobbies. The first is the Great Midlands Fun Run on June 10th 2012.
Team Zeemon will be donating proceeds from forthcoming events to Pancreatic Cancer Research Fund. Pancreatic cancer suffers greatly from a lack of research and awareness; survival rates have remained at 3% for the last 40 years. Therefore, we are striving to make a real difference and be the BEST we can be!

If you can live with triumph and disaster and treat those two imposters just the same. – Taken from If by Rudyard Kipling